The United States Bureau of census refers to a family as individuals who have been joined together by aspects of marriage vows, blood relations or legal processes and live in the same household. (Friedman ,2003 p.34) attach emotional bond to the understanding of family as he alludes that a family is an association of two or more people joined together and sharing emotional attachment. Family theories, characteristics and this diverse dynamism are well brought out in the film The Note book. A family as a unit serves several purposes, it facilitates the activities of the society, sustainability programs, creates a social set up especially to new members, a pillar for stability, growth and development (Friedman et al, 2003).

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 The film is plotted in a nursing home where Duke reads tale of romance to a fellow patient. The film greatly depicts the concepts of family dynamism in a more elaborate way with practical scenarios. We identify with two set of households, that of Noah and that of Allie whose societal difference is clearly brought out by the cohesion which in this case comes out strongly. The film draws families as functional units that have both individual and collective tasks and responsibilities that ought to be accomplished objectively.

 Socio Cultural

 Families are social set up that are greatly influenced by cultural events. The social set up in the family of Allie is high ended. Her mother, Ann is against the idea of her daughter interacting with Noah as he is from the low class. The fact that Noah meets with Allie and gain the support from his father brings out the highest degree of social activities in their family categories. Family dynamism involves giving room for members to open up on any issues and relate well with each other. Different Cultural set up is depicted by every single family that happens to come out in the film.


 Family involves characters within different environments, both internal and external. Each family is within defined housings as per their economic status. Housing is made so important especially by Noah to Allie. Although he does not live in a mansion like Allie, he foresees a family in them and in that relation seeks pride in securing a good house for them. He fixes the physical environment of the house and does all the necessary repairs. Every family will strive to offer the safest and the best housing for it members as per their economic status (Orlando and Seton, 2002).in most cases, people struggle to satisfy their needs, however the level of satisfaction reached depends on the financial or economic conditions of their families. Nevertheless, it is important for practicing recognition and appreciation of various people irrespective of their socio or economic statuses.

 Social interaction among the families is characterized by various aspects including the homogeneity in the social classes. The kind of guests that are seen interacting with the family of Ann is different and of a higher standard. Environments define the characters and the behaviors of families as the interactions shapes the characters involved. What matters so much in the manner the behavior of a child is developed, is actually the kind of people one is exposed to from his or her tender age. The difference between the two families is depicted clearly where one family’s level of interaction is limited just because of their social class. It does not only show how society is totally presented with unequal opportunities, but also how people create and draw unnecessary boundaries in their lines of interactions.


 A pointed out earlier, a family is a unit of related individuals and in this relations, communication is of essence. These involve oral and implied communications. It is a tool that the parents need to give orders to the young ones, give instructions seek clarifications, express their love or just giving their views. The children appreciate communication as a special tool to foster relationships, respond to instructions and orders from parents and other family members. In the dining table Ann takes an initiative to try convincing Allie that Noah is not ideal. This is in contrary to the communication that goes through in the family of Noah as the father seems so close to the son and is seen supporting his son on his love for Allie. Highest level of communication skills and negotiation skills is an essential tool for problem solving. In communication, of incredible value is the aspect of neutrality, and approaching issues without prejudice. This is because, prejudice covers up everything that can come from the person or people looked down, however good it might be.

 Allie talks to Lone and tells him that she has been spending time with Noah. She expresses that she is indecisive although Lon forgives her and says that he loves her. Ann finds herself apologetic to Allie when she tells them that Lon is on his way as she expresses that she was restrictive in good faith as she only wanted the best out of the daughter. The film is majorly built along communications lines as Duke reads a tale to Gena hoping to pass a message to her. Though the communication is effective but Gena`s illness affects her memory.

 Power and Decision Making

 The life of the family affects one another on one way or the other. We see parents taking responsibility and control of family affairs. Ann has a strong sense of power in making decisions on who Allie should love. These aspect of decision making on who to fall in love with on Noah side is vested on Noah himself as his dad thinks he knows what is best for him. A child will be allowed to make independent decisions only on the attainment of a rightfully legal age. In cases of immaturity the parents will come in and make decisions for the young ones and the decisions will hold, any disagreements will result to punishment. It was not Allie`s decision to move away but Noah independently decides to join the military and moves away from home. Another notable decision comes in when Noah’s father sells their family house, this is a decision that Noah could not make. Closely examining the conditions that make these decisions to be arrived at, one finds that it was almost impossible to do something different from what was actually done.

 Family Roles

Families are defined by societal roles. These roles can be gender based or age defined. Noah is depicted as a potential father and husband when he is determined with his work in the scrap dealership to buy a house for the two. The film affirms on the characteristics of an effective family and that it is the responsibility of parents to assume leadership roles of their families. In a nutshell, success is as a result of preparedness and opportunities. For any kind of family to be successful, the parties thereto must identify their strengths; capitalize on them while minimizing any negative perceptions. This enables them to practice sufficient preparedness for greater things in life.


 Family value depends on previously recognized ideas by the generations that predecease another. In this regard, anything that is recognized to be of a great goodness and honorable, becomes a value. When values are repeatedly accepted and practiced, they eventually become norms for a particular family. It is important to appreciate the fact that since families are unique from each other, even values sometimes are uniquely perceived and assimilated into family practice. Different homes have different inclination towards major events and issues that renders them the uniqueness they deserve. Families are core pillars in people development. Every little life skill or success is as a result of it being nurtured by our families. We come to appreciate forgiveness and understanding by Noah from Allie. The love of a father by Noah`s father, greatly communicates how members of a home can be drawn together by actions which do not necessarily need to be extremely complex. Appreciating the social nature of families and how the interactions affect one’s life is a significant step towards family bonding. The families work to establish an enabling environment for the welcoming of new babies. Childbearing families will need to uphold a satisfying and highest degree of marital interrelation for the good health and positive development of the child. The family ought to adequately access sensitizations on child care, growth and development programs. This is of great concern as it guarantees safety and positive growth of the young ones.

 It is essential that families be fit to adapt to new situations. The family of Allie finds itself in the new neighborhood of Noah’s. When Noah takes her out, it is evident that she is vague and does not comprehend even the simple concepts .This goes back to the parenting and families should appreciate that the societies dynamism will interact with our family members and it is essential that parenting be conclusive and prepare our members from early child hood towards adaptation skills. The essence of adaptability is obvious as we see both Allie and Noah finding themselves in demographical transitions.

 The Beavers Model emphasizes on family competence and style. This defines how the family is organized in the management of tasks (Orlando and Seton, 2002)). We are made to appreciate competency and optimal functionality as major characteristic of effective families using clinical methods to asses and rate the competency of families: The structure of the family; this looks into the structure of the leadership and cohesion in the family. It has the parent as the leader of the family. This is no different from the movie family as we came to see the family structures having parents as the leaders.

 The mythology of the family in both concepts involves everybody conceptualizing on how the family functions. Negotiations are definitely goal directed, several issues come up in the families and there is need for negotiations to handle the problems. The negotiations in both assessments are result oriented. In the autonomy of family issues the model has methodical ways of responsibility, expression of feelings and increasing acceptance and trust on each other. This is however subjective in the movie family as it depends on the character traits of the actors.

 Family members are expected to be warm, understanding and at peace with each other. If we compare the global appraisal of health pathology with the movie family techniques, we appreciate that the model looks deep into the family levels of development, optimal functionality and adaptation to severe dysfunctionality, but it ignores the families with diversity in socioeconomic backgrounds and even those with different cultural backgrounds (Friedman et al 2003).

 Family will still remain an important factor in the lives of human beings. It is a system that everybody must go through. It should not be forgotten that family defines who we are and who we will be no mater the environment we find ourselves in .There are several components that has to be considered to have a healthy and effective family relationships. All these powers are vested in the parents to lead their members towards positive growth and development. The movie The Notebook has helped demystify family as a system and as a lifestyle as it has given well elaborate and practical scenarios that we can identify with.